The legendary King’s X, comprised of dUg Pinnick, Ty Tabor & Jerry Gaskill, are pleased to announce they have signed with InsideOutMusic/Sony Music worldwide. They will be the label-home for the band’s forthcoming 13th studio album and first new music in 14 years, which has just been completed, the long-awaited new record will see the light of day on the 2nd of September 2022. 

The band comments:

“I feel like it’s been forever since we put out a new album, and I’m ready for the world to hear our latest offering, hopefully there’s a little bit of everything that you love about Kings X, three sides of one is the best way to describe it. The groove is with us!” – dUg Pinnick

 “It’s really gonna happen! The new record is coming out soon. I’m happy to be working with the team at InsideOut/Sony Music. I’m happy with the record. I’m happy everybody gets to hear it. It’s a happy day. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Hope you enjoy it!!!” – Jerry Gaskill

“I have a long-standing relationship with InsideOut and am so pleased that InsideOut/Sony is releasing the new King’s X album.”  – Ty Tabor

InsideOutMusic label-head Thomas Waber adds: “We have known the guys since forever and have been fans even before then. We are really looking forward to adding another album to their impressive legacy. Working on a King’s X album is always a highlight and an honour!”

The bands forthcoming new album saw them working with Emmy Award-winning engineer, mixer, and producer Michael Parnin (Rage Against the Machine, Mark Lanegan) at his Blacksound Studio in California. He comments: “I am very proud of the energy and work put into this album, especially of all the different vocal performances and varied musical influences mixed together as one. In true King’s X fashion, we had several obstacles to overcome, and it wasn’t easy but hopefully worth it to the amazing die-hard fans out there who have been waiting so patiently and to the new listeners hearing King’s X for the first time. It’s an honest labour of love that I am excited the world finally gets to hear.”

King’s X are set to return to stages in 2022, heading to Europe in September and returning to North America for more dates in October. Find the full list of shows below: 

Europe & UK

1st September – Backstage Halle, Munich, Germany

2nd September – Veruno Musica Festival, Veruno, Italy

3rd September – Old  Capitol, Langenthal, Switzerland

6th September – Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany

7th September – Colos-Saal – Aschaffenburg, Germany

9th September – Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

10th September – Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

12th September – Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium

13th September – Kantine, Cologne, Germany

14th September – Le Forum, Vaureal (Paris), France

16th September – The Brook, Southampton, UK

17th September – Picturedrome, Holmfirth, UK

18th September – Wylam Brewery, Newcastle, UK

20th September – Garage, Glasgow, UK

22nd September – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK

23rd September – Junction, Cambridge, UK

24th September – KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, UK

26th September – Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK

27th September – Academy 2, Manchester, UK

28th September – Tramshed, Cardiff, UK

30th September – Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium

1st October – Hypothalamus, Rheine, Germany 

North America

28th July – Gramercy Theatre, NYC, NY, USA

29th July – Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA, USA

19th October – Amos’ Southend, Charlotte, NC, USA

20th October – The Concourse, Knoxville, TN, USA

21st October – The Forum, Hazard, KY, USA

23rd October – Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville, TN, USA

25th October – The Howlin’ Wolf, New Orleans, LA, USA

27th October – Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX, USA

28th October – Trees, Dallas, TX, USA

29th October – Warehouse Live, Houston, TX, USA

Look out for more info on the new album in the coming months!

KING’S X online:


Whilst this isn’t going to be the longest review I’ve ever penned (for reasons I’ll soon get into) I just had to get something down on (virtual) paper, simply because tonight is the reason that I still love going to see live bands so much.

Rewind a few weeks then, and completely out of the blue Fraser from Deathtraps/SLAB sends me a video clip of a band he’s discovered called The Atom Age asking if I’d go and see them when they play Newport, I play the song a couple of times, think it’s pretty decent but then I somehow forget about it. In fact, it’s only a few hours before doors tonight that I suddenly remember the gig is still very much happening and we then find ourselves having a proper old man stroll through Commercial St reminiscing about all the old shops we used to frequent (and in fact work in) as we make our way up to Le Pub handing over the King’s ransom of £7 to get in.

It’s at this point I do have to wonder where all those lockdown social media warriors are – you know the ones demanding they should be able to go see live bands when it really wasn’t safe to – yet now it is safe, they seem to be still in the house, on the internet. Ah well….

Thankfully any Bad News in Grantham style crowd worries are immediately waylaid though due to the fact that local crossover me(n)talists Pizzatramp are also on the bill and they bring with them not only the usual set of razor-sharp witted hardcore tunes, but also a very healthy number of fans who seemingly still can’t get enough of them. Me, it’s the first time I’ve seen them in quite some time, certainly since bassist Sam has left their ranks, and last-minute stand in bassist Rhys once again helps dig Jimbob and Dan out of the proverbial doo doo. Not that you would know it’s all last-minute mind. Not until Jimbob lets the cat out the bag straight after a frantic blast through ‘Millions Of Dead Goths’ early on. Admittedly there’s a Sam sized hole on the stage (as he’s stood behind me watching), and if you’ve grown up with the band from the ‘Two Quid/War Or Nothing’ days then you’re obviously going to notice that, but what the guys really need to do right now is to get someone like Rhys in fulltime and hopefully not lose any of the fantastic momentum they’ve gained so far. That task might have just got a whole lot harder to fulfil mind after Jimbob admits he actually likes the theme song to ‘In The Name Of The Father’ (tongue firmly placed in cheek) before the band close their set down with, what else but, ‘Bono’s A Cunt’. And that right there folks is why I will always love me a slice of live Pizzatramp.

And so, we come to the reason this review isn’t really that long. That’s because in spite of the fact that The Atom Age (all the way from Oakland California I might add) have recorded four albums since they formed back in 2009, I’ve heard the grand total of one song before they hit the stage, and that song they play straight off, so where I’d normally go track by track through a band’s set, this time I just think “fuck it – lets enjoy the racket”, and boy what a joyous racket it is. Imagine if you will a band drenched in the essence of Rocket From The Crypt, but with the odd hint of Dick Dale or The Cramps whilst also laying down some mighty fine Dirtbombs style rock n soul riffs flavoured with just the merest hint of Fuzztones psychedelia, and that brothers and sisters, is The Atom Age. 

The six piece deliver their set like they are headlining a packed arena not a pub with about 50 odd people in it, and dripping in sweat they also manage to get a well-deserved encore out of their newly acquired Newport fanbase….and this, this is what I meant right at the start of the review. This is what going to see live music is all about. I left with 2 LPs and a T-shirt and a huge smile on my face (and so did a fair few others). This is what live music is all about and The Atom Age are a band just waiting for you to discover. Get on it!!!!!  

Pizzatramp Facebook

The Atom Age Facebook

Author: Johnny Hayward

Australia has always delivered great bands but over the past half-decade or so, it’s been delivering by the bucket load. Some of the finest alternative bands and records anywhere in this spinning rock we inhabit.

From old school rockers like AC/DC to proto-punk legends like Radio Birdman or The Saints to relative newcomers like Amyl & The Sniffers, The Chats or Legends like The New Christs, Hard-Ons, The Living end, and The Cosmic Psychos to modern-day (Comparative) newcomers who are carving out rave reviews with us like Civic and Clowns (*By no means an exhaustive list mind – further proof of how rich the current talent is down under) One of the best we’ve covered would have to be Stiff Richards. Well, whilst we wait for the new Stiff Richards long-player how about Doe St, a name you can add to this impressive and illustrious list of artists. Doe St consists of ‘Tom Duell’ from Peninsula-based blues-rockers ‘BLEACH’ is on Lead Vocals / Guitar, ‘Sharni Paris’ on Guitar / Vocals / Harp.‘Mawson’ (STIFF RICHARDS) on bass & finally ‘Kalani Vozzo’ on drums.

‘Doe St’ is an eclectic mix of alternative music not particularly Australian punk rock nor is it indie but if you were to throw Lemonheads into a mixer with a lot of the bands mentioned we might be getting towards the sound that makes up Doe st.

It’s an eclectic mix but there is a flow to the music and the arrangments are sometimes brilliant ‘Pandanus’ being catchy and laid back and incorporating some harmonica and a choppy riff to cultivate an absolute banger!

Recorded during the pandemic (what wasn’t these days) this record holds seven tunes ranging from the uptempo opener ‘Race To 25’ with the spoken/narrated lyrics to the over-driven guitars to the chorus with a cool harmony vocal. ‘Ringing’ is laid back and widescreen in its appeal building into a great chorus (possibly a favourite on the album).

‘Noble Pride’ is somewhat dreamy in the picked guitar intro riffing on something of a Pavement tip if you’re looking for a loose reference point. Then to close the record off we are taken on a cinematic journey over six minutes long it’s an epic song and leaves you feeling positive and full of energy. Great song and a great record. ‘Doe St’ deserves your attention so don’t take my word for it get out there and live life and have this as the soundtrack.

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I first clapped my ears on Bob Vylan way back when a certain “Lynch your leaders” became my go to track as we worked our way through the first Covid 19 lock-down, then we got hit with “We live here” and the rest is history, I’ve watched Bob Vylan gain traction and get to the point of exploding into the general conscience, and as I type it rumours abound that this baby The Price of Life has hit the charts!!!!

Now let’s just say this in no reflects a move towards a more socially acceptable standpoint, no movement towards commerciality, and keeping it independent launched on their own Ghost Theatre Records what more could you want?

This is Brutal stuff a nihilistic expose of Tory led policies, outing the far right and the decision makers who stand in the background profiteering from the latest under the counter deal. As the LP opens you get drawn in with the “Walter Speaks” sample and then “Wicked and Bad” tears your face off social-commentary up front and centre. There’s no let up as we move into” Big Man” and “Take that” and that link between grime and punk seems more relevant than anything out there at the moment, both movements born in the underground and each movement within their individual generations ripping into that Tory led new world order, and what we have to do to survive and earn enough to live. By the time we hit “Pretty songs” your hooked and then everything moves up another gear, this is seriously good, from the punk side of things I keep being drawn back to Crass comparisons, while from the grime side I can’t help linking it to Lowkey, (check out terrorist) and some of the early Akala stuff, socially aware but not with the edge presented by this beauty. “Turn off the Radio” is fckin’ immense, this is a heavier LP than the first, at times it draws on grunge, while at other times we’re into straight out hardcore punk, while at others we link in brutal industrial, right up my street, that heavier lilt really hits you with “GDP”.

Bait the Bear” is almost Slayer’esque how heavy is that opening riff!!! (it’s a rhetorical question, it’s heavy as fck). There really is no let up “Phone Tap(Alexa)” with a thrash drive at it’s core, just builds and builds and then we’re thrown against the wall by “Drug War” probably my favourite track on the lp, punk to the core, but the vocal lead just leaves you speechless, all too quickly we’re into last up “WHATCHAGONNADO”,  again there is no let up and the lp as a whole just builds and builds finishing on a high, intense, in your face, shaking you to wake up to what’s really happening, Social commentary with an attitude born on the streets, Get this LP bought, my album of the year so far, lets get Bob Vylan to number 1 !!!!!!

Buy Here

Author: Nev Brooks

Flood #Redux released October 7th, 2022

original line up reform for an intimate album launch show

Trapped Animal Records is proud to announce the return of 90’s legends Headswim, with a reissue of their seminal psych-grunge masterpiece, ‘Flood’, on October 7th.  Released on double vinyl and double CD, this deluxe re-issue will feature previously unreleased BBC sessions, studio B sides, and experiments by the band and their mad scientist friends on disc two! 

To celebrate the release, Headswim’s original lineup will be performing Flood in its entirety at The Camden Underworld on Friday, October 7th. This will be the Headswim’s first performance in over two decades!

“If you’d told me 28 years ago that in 2022 Headswim would be performing the entirety of their debut LP at The Camden Underworld, I’d have eaten my hat. Pass the salt.” exclaimed Clovis Taylor.

To pre-order Flood #Reduxon three different double vinyl formats, double CD and download go to 

There are also bundles available and tickets for the Underworld.

We will be raising money for C.A.L.M – The Campaign Against Living Misery and donating 5% from the sales on to the charity.

Spaghetty Town Records / Surfin’ KI Records / Family Spree Recordings join forces to knock out some sleazy punk n roll. get an earful of this bad boy and get those pre-orders in.

What happens when members of well-known sleaze rock bands Suicide Generation, Sick Bags and Desperate Fün get together in a sweaty London warehouse out of covid lockdown boredom, they form Hard Times!  A mix of sleazy, heavy and obscure rock’n’roll  , put on vinyl, that despite months of delays is finally being released! 

Spaghetty Town Records, along with Surfin’ Ki (Italy) and Family Spree Recordings (Spain) are excited to bring you the debut release of “Little Satan” to North America and Europe. Also available on all major streaming/download sites.

Representing the Isle of Man, it’s only fitting that the “rock n roll, punk blues guys” (Iggy Pop) of Mad Daddy are releasing their ‘Road Racer’ EP to coincide with this year’s TT race. It’s the perfect combination; oil, sweat, hairpin bends and righteous rock n roll.

‘Road Racer’ opens, full throttle through the gears, like ‘Motorbikin’ on bad drugs. Slightly heavier than before, shades of the Chuck Norris Experiment. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ and ‘Be Bad’ tip a nod to the Stooges’ ability with primal riffs, while retaining their own identity, while ‘Here To Stay’ has the requisite “hey, hey, hey”s to get you hitting the repeat button.

No need to reinvent the wheel here, just enjoy the pared back appeal of Mad Daddy. And with a spanking new t shirt design to accompany the TT races, they’ve got my order come Bandcamp Friday in June. You know it makes sense.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Released 4th June on Bandcamp for download, available on all streaming services

Author: Martin Chamarette

Chepstow, South Wales is the place, and three-piece punk rockers Bottlekids are the band. They get set to release this six-track EP via Sbam and blow the top off this EP with a punchy drop kick melodic breakneck punk rock. The EP kicks off with ‘Already Dead’ as it thrashes out of the traps in a blur of colour along the lines of Bad Religion meets Anti Flag, it’s polished and rough at the same time courtesy of having your record produced by legend Romesh Dodangoda (who has a wealth of experience covering Bring me the Horizon, Motorhead and Funeral for a Friend. It has a tonne of energy and punches with the big boys with a great production it’s sharp and clear as a bell.

The pace is maintained through ‘Peachy’ until we reach the breakdown but it’s only a brief moment whilst we gather our breath before going back in for the kill. When the band eases back (‘This Idiocracy’) there are touches of Taking back Sunday amongst others influencing the style and sound.

They pick up the pace on ‘The Irreplaceable Past’ with its hooky chorus and more measured verse its the pick of the tracks on offer. We are then dusted off before being thrown into the mixer with ‘Sick’ – a suitable banger to close off an impressive EP. With a great work ethic to touring and rounding off their chosen craft Bottlekids now have an EP to champion and the world is their oyster, with a fair wind behind their backs they can achieve anything. Time to Blast off!

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Album art by Leia Thomas

Author: Dom Daley

Marc Valentine – ‘Mornington Avenue’ (Arcane Wires Records) Its the second track lifted from July’s album release ‘Futures Obscure’ and the second absolute banger, it has to be said, courtesy of Mr. Valentine. The single features a guest appearance from the legend that is Matt Dangerfield for extra kudos. Marc said of the record that it was semi-autobiographical, and stories and memories from youthful misadventures. It’s the perfect antidote for what’s going on in the real world with a fantastic melody and feel power-pop perfection.

A left hook on the chorus, a right hook on the melody the vocals are carried on and a KO for the breakdown. You’ll have this song in your head for days – exactly what a single should sound like. Brilliant!

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Mad Brother Ward – ‘Ugly Life’ (Ruined Records) Two tracks on one side and a nice etched piece on the reverse all pressed on a nice blue wax. More than twenty-five years after releasing two widely acclaimed 7″ eps. legendary underground provocateur MAD BROTHER WARD returns with a two-fisted blast of straight-ahead punk rock. A true legend of the underground, Mad Brother Ward is currently known best for successfully stepping into the shoes of Joe Young in ANTiSEEN after Young died. This single is his first new record in almost thirty years. Lo-Fi production, its a crash and burn slab of nuclear punk rock. ‘Ugly Life’ be fucked, buckle up kids this is a blast.

‘I Just Wanna Die’ is an altogether slower more looking down the sight of a sniper’s rifle. It’s a catchy bugger that’s for sure with some neat neat neat guitar licks to fire it along. Punk as fuck! go get a copy before they’re all gone gone gone! Buy Here

Rock N Roll Manifesto – Vol Two (Rock n Roll Manifesto/NFT Records/Stamp Out Disco/ Hyperloop Records Loved the last 7″ from Rock N Roll Manifesto and love to see a four-way split especially when its new songs from bands I happen to love like this one. Sonny Fuckin Vincent ladies and Gentlemen opens up side one with a new and exclusive track entitled ‘Over A Cliff’. Of course it’s all killer. awesome guitar breaks, catchy melody, a stonking rhythm, and tempo but I knew it was going to sound great and that’s just one of the four – worth it for this one track alone) Sharing side one is The Manakins from Sweden with their tub-thumper ‘Dark Time For The City Lights’. What a killer chorus! Record of the month is here already and I’ve not even played side two yet!

Flip this over and you have London towns Miscalculations with their angular monochrome punk with the blitzkrieg that is ‘Controlling My Shadow’ leaving The Judex to close this sucker down with their unique sound of psychobilly vocals over some sharp chopping guitar chords. ‘Step Off Sucker’ is a one-take live in the studio banger with a cool as guitar break. Three out of four are unreleased and all four never on vinyl so don’t delay kids get this right Now!

Buy on Bandcamp from the USA Here / Stamp Out Disco (Australia) Here / NFT Records UK Here / Hyperloop Records UK Here

Gyasi – ‘She Don’t Care’ (Alive Records) Channeling the spirit of the good and the great of 70’s Glam from Bowie and Bolan to Mott The Hoople and T Rex Gyasi has bloody well nailed it (we’ve heard the album so…) This is another taster lifted from the long-player and another perfectly executed slab of Glam Rock that packs a punch and has such a flamboyant attitude to carry this off in 2022.

This guy deserves to break through and become a superstar from those platform boots alone never mind his exquisite taste in tunes. Stream the shit out of this and get a hold of that long-player when it comes out. Its a banger with twelve more Rockers to boot!

Stream Here

Stepmother – Stepmother EP (Legless Records) Wow, Hang on a minute, Australia is churning out Garage and punk rock by the bucket load and Stepmother from Melbourne are the latest to grab our attention. This three-track banger of an EP is proto-punk mana from the Gods. ‘Fade Away’ is the introduction before we get our breath taken away with the brilliant ‘Take Our BReath Away’ as it races towards the guitar break and shakes its shit all over our speakers.

A power trio to sit up and take notice of. This is a primal slab of Rock n Roll with a groove and plenty of boogie to let it all hang out to now its fair to say that on another round-up this would be record of the month – No doubt about it.

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The Boppers – ‘Motorbikin’ (Wild Kingdom Records) Yeah you read that right. Chris Spedding’s Motorbikin’ gets a slick release from the Boppers. Lifted from their upcoming album ‘White Lightning’. When the band performed as secret guests at The Hellacopters’ release party, the success was instant. Hear “Motorbikin’” and pre-order the album here:

Automatics – ‘Cold Steel Serenade’ – with a galic leaning The Automatic release this their new single ‘Cold Steel Serenade’ and to be fair it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a late-night lament with rousing guitar breaks and big chorus’.

Mean Jeans – ‘Hits From The Bog’ (Fat Wreck Chords) Heading out with Australian punks The Chats Mean Jeans drop a new digital release. Hits from the Bog features three unreleased tracks from their debut FAT release, ‘Tight New Dimension‘ . Head to your preferred digital platforms to hear it now!
“We just unearthed some recordings that got lost in the bog somewhere along the way.  Listening back, I have to wonder what we were smoking at the time, cuz there’s definitely some saxophone, a single jazz chord, and we’ve betrayed the ‘4 chords per song’ rule. Still, I think they’ll appeal to anyone feeling possessed by junk food and/or slime.” this is a fair assessment from the band. Sounds like it’s going to be an absolute blast on this tour Its sunshine pop-punk leaning heavily on the likes of Da Ramones (obviously) with an eye on what Evan Dando achieved. It’s goofy and inoffensive and live? It’ll be a blast Go get some!

The Venomous Pinks – ‘Apothecary Ailment’ ( SBÄM Records) second single from their upcoming album “Vita Mors” – out June 3, 2022 on SBÄM Records: Pre-save it here:

Simon Juliff – ‘Stars’ (Dog Meat Records) The first new Dog Meat release in over a quarter of a century is the new single “Stars”, taken from the forthcoming album of the same name,  from reticent Melbourne pop-rock singer/songwriter Simon Juliff. Juliff, who was singer/guitarist/songwriter for Melbourne band The Roys in the ‘00s, was a friend of many of the ‘90s Melbourne bands on Dog Meat and nearly a Dog Meat signing with his first band The Evil Dead. Bonkers how these twists of fate happen. Happy recording for himself it’s taken until now to release some tunes and well worth the wait it is too. A great teaser for what’s to come on the album later this year. Facebook

Jaguero – Worst Weekend Ever (Epidemic Records) Five-track EP from Italian punks Jaguero kicks off with a really rounded production that fills the air with a warmth that I wasn’t really expecting. Influences from some of the big American pop-punkers and Alt smash acts to the Nirvana like ‘Negative, Awesome!’ and the excellent mash-up that is ‘Get Along’.

With a range of influences yet making a cohesive end product will see Jaguero do well when they can find their niche impressive EP to be getting on with.

Bandcamp Here Digital Here