Woohoo! Rooting tootin Rockin and a Rolling. Pat Todd & His band of merry men get their jig on as they cough up a ‘Rooster Blues’ rock and roll extravaganza as they honk the harmonica along with some sleazy garage rock n roll. Proceedings get underway with a howling ‘Rooster Blues’. Todd then goes down to the crossroads and cuts the deal with the Devil for some of those cool tunes and gets the smoldering ‘I’m A Cool Teenager’ whilst the mirrorball casts light the band gets the slow dance underway.

‘No Good Lover’ will have you chicken dancing like a prime time Lux Interior as the band cut up the floor with a smashing tune. ‘Promised Land’ is the jewel in the Rockin crown as the band kicks out the jams and Todd is on whip-cracking form. It’s a howling good time being had in the bestust Chuck Berry way it’s like hearing prime time Georgia Satellites.

If there is anything to complain about it would have to be this is way too brief with only six tracks blowing up your stereo. ‘Blues Soul & Rock and Roll’ is a banger short, sharp & oh so sweet. You know the drill by now Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders deliver top-notch Rock n Roll and this is the proof. Blues Soul Rock and Roll does exactly what it says on the Tin! Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley