The gang are back, just in time for summer. Perhaps ironically, it all kicks off with lead single ‘Murder The Summer Of Love’, a typically punchy but slick opener. ‘Young Drunks, Old Alcoholics’ if anything, would have been a better choice, hook-laden with a sleazy solo.

‘Derelict Palace’ is reminiscent of a mid-paced Lords song, especially the bass line and hanging chords. Here, Monroe has never sounded better, I have to wonder if he was thinking of Stiv at the time of recording. ‘All Fighter’ starts off like The Damned’s ‘Ignite’, no bad thing, obviously. “Sing it all for the hopeless and rejected”,  there’s no resting on laurels just yet.

‘Everybody’s Nobody’ is the story of a “Coulda been a contender” musician. Hmm, I think a lot of us know the feeling. ‘Antisocialite’ is the inevitable, piano-led ballad, but, to his credit, cheesy cliches are avoided and it sounds like he means it.

You might already have heard ‘Can’t Stop Falling Apart’ via the video, another fine singalong number. ‘Pagan Prayer’ is a timely, full-speed-ahead rocker, bound to be great live.

The title track comes with a guest solo from Slash. I guess that will appeal to some, and I understand it helps shift units, but the band is great regardless of guest appearances, as is the song. ‘Dearly Departed’ A somber note to end on, but remains moving, nonetheless. It’s unlike anything else on the album, and a brave choice.

Since ‘Sensory Overdrive’, all Monroe’s albums have been solid, some more exciting than others and all have some real belters. This album shows the band’s strengths to good effect. I have a preference for the rockers, but you’ve got to respect his canon of work. And I look forward to seeing them take the roof off a venue somewhere soon.

With I Live Too Fast To Die Young, it is clear Michael Monroe is striding into the summer with a triumphant roar to offer you the real rock ‘n’ roll escape of 2022. It’s been way too long. Besides Nobody does sleazy Rock and Roll better than Michael Monroe that’s a fact!

I Live Too Fast To Die Young’ will be available on CD Digipak, 12” Red Vinyl, Signed Limited Edition 12” Vinyl with Alternative Artwork, Digital Download, Streaming and special D2C bundles. Available to pre-order Here

Author: Martin Chamarette

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