A slick half dozen and some tunes this month but they are some of the finest of their genres and singles that need hearing. From Gospel to Hardcore we love em all. Can I get an Amen! now don’t waste time get on em.

Steve Conte – ‘Wildwood Moon’ (Wicked Cool Records) Another track off the stunning ‘Bronx Cheer’ album Available Here If you are not familiar maybe now is the time. Check out this video and then get on the album in all its glory.

The Chisel – ‘Deconstructive Surgery EP’ (LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS) – Now already on its umteenth press this five-track EP is kicking up a shitstorm and if you’ve never heard of this yob crew of hardcore noise then please explain where you’ve been the past 12 months? ‘Class Oppression’ is like a swift kick in the bollocks before being headbutted through the saloon doors just seconds before the pile on that is ‘Blackpool20’ – unbridled energy like a swift intake of breath before having your head thrust back underwater – its a frantic rush but boy does it sound good?

Of course there isn’t a bad song on here, there isn’t time. They even have an anthem to assault you with ‘Chisel Boys’ will get the job done – of that there is no doubt. What a banger of an EP Buy it Here

Tramp – ‘Jailbait’ (Wanda Records) With lyrics that’ll make your nan blush Tramp aren’t shy coming forward.  Viki Venom, Suzi Sleeze and Joey Deuce from New Hampshire in the US of A play Snotty garage punk’n’roll with a raunchy back beat and sleazy lyrics they made up at the bus stop whilst blowing bubbles with their Hubba bubba gum. They don’t want to hang with the cool kids because they are the cool kids.

They might not be the Lunachicks but I’m sure they are looney chicks – in a PC world Tramp are so un PC and proud of it ‘All I Want’ is punk as fuck with a pogo-tastic chorus that sounds like it was recorded in one take because A they nailed it and B they couldn’t be arsed to do another anyways because they had better things to do innit. Pick it up Here

The Amplifier Heads – ‘Space Cadet’ (Rum Bar Records) Always delivering quality bands from their HQ in Boston Rum Bar have another 45 that just rocks out like the best secret party anywhere on this spinning globe. Handclaps, distorted rock n roll riffs, happy smiling people everywhere. The Amplifier Heads kick ass! then ‘Two Headed Girl’ is like a twist on Tom Petty and his heartbreakers just kicking out the jams. Sal Baglio has got the chops kids and this EP is three tracks to tempt you in and shake your shit to. Love the guitar lick on on ‘Earth Girls On The Loose’ it short sharp and right on the money. Go check it out and tell em RPM sent you I’m sure Lou will welcome you in like an old friend and pour you a big one! – Rockin and a rollin here

Soul Glo – ‘Gold Chain Punk’ (Epitaph Records) From the album ‘Diaspora Problems’ The music video satirizes the frustrations of being lumped together with other bands and artists due to the colour of their skin when individually, they hold it down on their own. Vocalist Pierce Jordan, one of AV Club’s ‘20 Best Frontpeople In Modern Rock,’ explains, “If you’re a Black person who is into any kind of hard rock, you’ve probably had a white person try to talk to you about Bad Brains. We are constantly compared to them. Apparently, I even look like HR. Can I fuckin live?” The band hit the uk for a string of dates starting in London on September the 7th and ending on the 16th again in London. hit em up and check out the album now. https://soulglo.ffm.to/diasporaproblems

The Future Shape Of Sound – ‘Paradise City’ (Gypsy Hotel) Now that’s how to do a cover version. Yes, it is indeed the Guns n Roses big hitter that is ‘PAradise City’ but hell yeah! this version is what Guns and Roses could never have birthed. from the jungle beats to the funked-up guitar lick right up to the amazing Gospel chorus vocals this is a revelation brothers and sisters.

Captain Future’s Rock’n’Roll Gospel phenomenon that is The Future Shape Of Sound will be out on Gypsy Hotel on Friday 15th July as download and CD including 4 live bonus tracks. The other cover is a take of the Urban Voodoo Machine classic that is ‘Help Me Jesus’ that the y take ownership of releasing their own twist on this barnstorming tune has this down as the record of the week hands down. performed at last year’s magical Red Rooster Festival, all songs featuring the captivating voice of one of the most exciting soul singers in the U.K. today Miss Divalee Wells! superb release and songs. Facebook

Sator – ‘Shimmy Shake’ (Wild Kingdom) Lifted from their brand new album of covers Sator gives classic Devo a rockin make-over and does it so well. Yeah, the Devo synth drills are there and the melody holds up. It’s in the 30s outside as I type and nothing sounds as good as this bubblegum power-pop stab at some Devo it’s cool and refreshing and totally fresh just what the doctor ordered.

Here Hare Here – ‘Chez Liam’ (Lux Noise) The home of Basle noise makers Bitch Queens and The Brokendolls you can now add Here Hare HEre to that list of top-notch noise makers. check out their brand new video ‘Chez Liam’ and get down to some hot trashy garage rock n roll