From a Turbulent Heart and Civet duties, Suzi Moon has finally gotten round to releasing her first solo album after two very impressive 12″ singles even if this collection of ten tracks was done before the EPs.

Straight from the off the vibrancy and sonic intent is obvious and there is no shrinking violet at play here Suzi comes out swinging and I promise this record will lay an earworm or two on you.

Having recently caught two shows there were a few of the tunes that stuck in my head in an instant as the songs lurch from punchy punk rock (Title track and opener) to more radio-friendly (‘California’) songs Moon has honed her craft and has invested every fiber of herself into these tunes and the end result is a magnificent beast of an album.

‘Dumb And In Luv’ sets the tone with a direct one two punk rock puncher is a step up to what we had experienced with her recordings with Civit and Turbulent Hearts both of which were very underrated bands but this time, as a solo artist, Suzi has thrown away the stabilisers and cast aside any doubts as she strides tall and proud with the beats to back up any talk. The choppy ‘Money’ has a great melody and rides on a huge groove. This should be enough to make people sit up and pay attention. The song builds and builds into a throbbing crescendo that takes no prisoners. Fantastic stuff!

After nearly two years supporting her first two EPs “Call The Shots” and “Animal,” – which has seen her music appear on Sirius XM, Iggy Pop’s BBC Radio program, over 30 terrestrial radio stations, in magazines around the world, and much more – managing to headline the Rebellion pre-show she was pumped and ready to deliver and the band and songs sounded like a finely tuned sports car. Side one closes with the sultry and more laidback ‘I Go Blind’.

Side two sounds like it’s gone through the gears and from ‘Honey’ the songwriting has broken through any expectations I might have had. Sure Moon tips her hat in the direction of the likes of Joan Jett for sure but those comparisons can be a bit misleading and lazy but I’m sure Moon would take that. ‘Honey’ has some great playing and arrangement but it’s the melody and delivery that sets this off like a Roman candle. To fan the flames of that firework ‘Any Other Way’ is a rampant, rapid jam that borrows as much from the Ramones, and with the glossy production, it’s gleaming but has a few dents and scratch marks for good measure so as it doesn’t vanish into pop-punk territory but has guts with its glory.

The song that stuck with me throughout the Rebellion Festival was ’99 Miles To Pasadena’ it’s catchy as Covid and rocks like a mother fucker. Easily one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. But amongst this album, it still shines like a diamond but it’s in good company with the other nine bangers on offer here.

To close the album the snare gets beaten with brushes and an Acoustic bass slides in for one last hurrah and something a little left of center to bring your pulse back down to a respectable level. Suzi Moon has delivered one of the finest albums I’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year, no question. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to play this record over and over and my initial thoughts are still ringing true. Check this album out, It’s an explosion of Sleazy Punk Rock n Roll at its very, very best. Dumb and in Luv… You bet I am!

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Author: Dom Daley