The second album from the Norwegian high-octane rockers The Gasölines! The band embodies the whole greasy, dirty liquor-swigging Rock and Rollas. they embrace every cliche and wear it like a badge of honour and why the fuck not? They riff on a steady diet of what’s gone before them from the 1950s through the 1990s and into the 2020s. With a rigid middle digit in the air and smoke coming off the oil-soaked floors turn this sucker up!

“We didn’t invent the wheel on this album. There’s no need to. Rock will forever kick the elite hipsters’ asses with their man buns, fancy coffee, electric kick scooters and vegan smoothies. This is pure rock’n’roll with proper amps, only mics on drums, no autotune, just four guys having a blast in studio”, says Morten Gasöline. A big antagonistic claim that you just have to back up. Cars, Beer, Women, gambling all the ingredients that have been a staple of this genre.

The album kicks off with the DC riff-a-rama of ‘Rum Runner 500’ with its solid beat and wailing solo as the riffs come hard and fast. It’s exactly what I was expecting and true to their words the band pile in – it’s macho and whilst its not original at all its authentic and they certainly sound like they walk the walk. The pace is picked up on ‘Grand Prix’ as they shift through the gears and turn up the tempo for a much better song.

To be fair ‘Dragstrip Inferno’ is sort of a halfway house of the opening two songs with wailing guitar solos and more lyrics about fast cars it doesn’t take a genius to work out what these cats are all about. when they break away from singing about motors ‘Hellbreaker’ bursts into life on a rumbling bassline that is thick as a builders sandwich and they hit a decent groove. The track ‘Snakebite’ is more of the same (surprisingly) sounding like a Gene Simmons Kiss song with a growling gravelly vocal over a solid backbeat.

You also get some punk rock n roll in ‘Burning Dice’ and a little of what they were probably listening to before heading to the studio as some Dirty Deeds era DC filters through their DNA. Spread out over ten tracks it’s a heavy beast and at times laces a little variety but when they hit their groove they sound on fire. Turn it up kids it’ll annoy your parents as their forefathers did and that’s always a great starting point. Play Loud! Like the band obviously did when recording this beast and the artwork is awesome and reason alone why you should check these out.

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