I think it was Lemmy who once said If Motorhead moved in next door your grass would die and if a nuclear war was to happen the only things to survive would be cockroaches and them, well, he was wrong. The Erotics would crawl out of some downtown bar on their hands and knees barely alive but hungover and ready to Rock. Ladies and Gentlemen the Motherfuckin Erotics are back in the room and they’re taking a swing at everyone and everything. they’re plugged in, loud and rockin’ out.

‘Knocking On Deaths Door’ is loud obnoxious and soloing with the best of them. It’s like a time machine has taken me back to the late 80s and I’m on the strip with a headache and a thirst for more loud Rock and Roll and then in the distance, I hear Micky Trash and the boys hauling ass and everything is on ten and there are fireworks exploding all over my speakers.

Sleazy aint the word and that Stooges saxophone on ‘Helltown Boogie’ is dirty, low down and dirty as fuck. The guitars are loud and distorted and there is added harmonica and sax here and there and Micky sings in Spanish just for shits and giggles. It’s like classic Cooper meets some dirty Noo Yawk attitude some sleazy hard rock and punk swirling round a tumbler full of cheap whisky it’s not good for you but you can’t get enough of it. It’s broadway but late at night – it’s razzmatazz but out of step.

‘Diamonds’ is laid back mixing up some Guns n rose when they were fresh and up for it. you might have stumbled upon this late night in the St Moritz club way back in the day and most of those glamourous punks have gone away but thankfully some are still here and some are called The Erotics.

‘Too Hot To Stop’ has got a classic sleazy riff and it’s twirling its mic stand like a punk rock Diamond Dave. For sure The Erotics aren’t gonna change the world or sell a million records but they are honest and clearly love what they do and the world is a better place with them in it and that’s good enough for me as they play their hearts out living the dream lying in the gutter looking at the stars and feeling like a million bucks and if you ain’t wearing a smile when that riff kicks in on ‘Bless Your Heart’ then you might wanna go to the Emergency room to check for a pulse. Power to the Erotics and all who set sail with them it’ll be the best of times I’m sure of that.

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Author: Dom Daley