After deciding to make the relatively short trip across the bridge into England’s South West to catch Trampolene play an electric set before a meet and greet we were making good time before hitting the citys tragic one way system and road closures and rush hour. It wasn’t looking good that we’d make the half six kick off. Alas our fears subsided when we found out it wasn’t actually kicking off until an hour later. Relax have a drink and join the compact crowd for this tea time soiree.

The band took to the stage and proceeded to grasp the nettle and dish up a delightful hour long set drawn from all corners of the bands repertoire but obviously leaning on the new album (RPM ONLINE review) which was obviously the reason we were all gathered together in the excellent live room of Bristol’s Rough trade store. The sound was fantastic and with the appreciative and dedicated audience it made for an intimate and rewarding performance. The “New” songs peppered the set and there were debut outings for songs like the beautiful ‘Alexander Palace’ that sounded as comfortable as a pair of your favourite slippers it was tight and took one of the new records most impressive songs to another level.

The people in attendance seemed mesmerised at times and really got into the spirit of what was going on as ‘Money’ nestled into the set with its big Fuzz bass alongside old friends like ‘Beautiful Pain’ that sounded superb without any drunken shouts from a pissed up audience who just wanted to throw beers and jump around – which is fine but its these moments that make those moments even more special. I said in my review that the new record sounded like a hit record and I stand by that the overall song writing has been turned up as the months and years roll by these boys are absorbing the journey like a sponge and deserve the accolades they are getting.

Before we even had time to loosen up and dance to ‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir’ Jack was left onstage to leave us with ‘Poundland’ and then it was done. A thoroughly enjoyable and excellent set from one of the best indie bands currently kicking up a stink anywhere and releasing records that really matter. when they wrap up these instores they head out on a club tour in April and will probably come to a town near you – don’t sit on it, get out there and support an excellent live band who have several albums that really matter and dish up memorable live shows. Get on it!


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Author: Dom Daley