The Candy Snatchers – ‘Shame Shivers’ / ‘Must Be The Cocaine’ (I-94 Recordings)  Formed in 1992 in Virginia Beach Their first new recordings in over 10 years!  Hans Molnar (of The Hellbenders) steps in to fill the big shoes of the dearly departed Matthew Odietus.  Larry May wails over it all. Larry’s unmistakable voice has held up perfectly well. This shit sounds like vintage Candy Snatchers even on a Trash Brats tune. It’s frantic punk rock and roll kids but you knew that didn’t you? 

The Candy Snatchers need to make a new record, a long player like now. So, Larry get those pipes in order and get to work the world needs a new album from Candy Snatchers. This is their first newly recorded material in 12 years! way too long! but they’ve lost none of their piss and vinegar and knock their tribute to the Trash Brats right outta the park. Fill yer boots with quality Rock n Roll Here Available in a bazillion colours of wax this is the shit we all need Get on it!

Michael Des Barres and Prima Donna – ‘Aint Nothing You Can Do About It’ (Wicked Cool Records) Wicked Cool Records label-mates Michael Des Barres and Prima Donna have teamed up for a single release, ‘Ain’t Nothing You Can Do About It’. Co-written by Des Barres and Label Owner Steve Va Zandt has shades of a Springsteen rocker going on from the choppy chords and the party going on in the rhythm section of course its quality.  ‘Waves’ is another uptempo rocker with plenty of foot-stomping Stones meets The Faces via the Georgia Satellites vibes going on its sunshine on a 45 kids upbeat, smiling and a rock n roll hoot. Pretty much everything a 45 should be! Go get it!

Check it out Here

Killer Hearts – ‘Doctor, Doctor / Demolition Love’ (Screaming Crow Records) Next in the Action Rock Jukebox 45 series are one of the best exponents across the pond of sleazy punk rock n roll the Killer Hearts. One cover one original that’s the deal and boy have they got a treat in store for you 45 rpm lovers. Doctor fucking Doctor sure it’s a tough one to get anywhere near the original but if anyone can this bunch of sleazy reprobates can and for a take on a classic they come pretty darn close. Monster version is done with all the respect and tribute to such an underrated band.

Killer Hearts dont need me telling you how fanfuckintastic they are they let the music do the talking and on ‘Demolition Love’ they knock out a cock sure slab of sleazy punk n roll from the vocals oozing with attitude and menace the band are killing it for sure. Had Larry May not been delivering a single this month then this would have been my pick of the pack for sure. Maybe it should be in for next month when it actually hits the streets but hey were punk as fuck round here.

Hell, they even have the shithousery to steal Motley Crue’s best riff and fuck with it! Killer 45. Killer Heart 45! Fuckin right it is.

The Penetrator’s-‘Time Is Mine’ (CODE 213RECORDS) What a banger this is. With a sound that’s as cool as Iggy the Penetrators cut the mustard with ‘Time Is Mine’ with its driving rhythm and slashing overdriven guitars its got a cool spoken sunk lyric that’s top drawer. the kings of basement rock is about right on the money having been doing this whole garage punk rock since the latter half of the 70s their endurance is admirable and their craft is of the highest standard.

The Speedways – ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ (Snap!!/Hurrah Musica & Beluga Records) Lifted from ‘Talk Of The Town’ which is released in November, this lush slice of power pop is more of the same from The Speedways who can’t put a foot wrong when releasing records they love and believe in starting out as a vehicle for Matts songs they’ve grown into the finest purveyors of the genre in the UK and probably wider world with a steady line up that really compliment the songs and never fail to deliver the good. Instant and long-lasting they understand what it takes to write genuine top-notch tunes as you can tell from this retrotastic video.

No Fun At All – ‘See The Splendor’ (SBÄM Records) Coming on like a European Bad Religion No Fun At All see the splendor in taking on the Swedish Royal Family. This track is their second single off their upcoming album. Founded in 1991, split up and re-united over the years, the 2022 album will be the first album since 2018. SBÄM Records based in Austria is releasing their new album exclusively since they have already re-released “EPs Going Steady” in 2021.

The album “Seventh Wave” ​will be released exclusively via SBÄM Records on ​October 14th.

Soraia – ‘I Seek Fire’ (Wicked Cool Records) Upcoming Shows with Joan Jett and Tours With Josie Cotton and Hayley and The Crushers Announced for these exciting Philly rockers. They’ve also go ta pretty cool take on the Kiss classic ‘Strutter’ coming this month that you should check out.

Pre Order Here

The Slackers – ‘Second Best’ (Pirates Press Records) NYC ska vets The Slackers released their first album in six years, ‘Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya’, and now they’ve got a new video for one of its songs, ‘Second Best’ It’s a dreamy groove and one of the album’s slower songs, and the video is an animated deal that was directed and illustrated by Paulo Rocker and animated and edited by Fabricio Timm.

The Prize – ‘Easy Way Out’ (Anti Fade Records) Second single from young Melbourne champs ahead of their September tour with The Chats. It’s classic ’70s punk/70’s power pop style, with killer dual male/female lead vocals, twin leads and skills that bands who’ve been at this game for many more years would kill for. The ‘Wrong Side Of Town’ EP that this is lifted from is a killer addition to your collection and one that we highly recommend you check out.

It bears comparisons to a mash-up of quality from the likes of The Boys, Thin Lizzy and the Flamin Groovies they’re all in there somewhere coursing through the veins of The Prize and there is a fire raging in their guts as well. Single of the month? Hell yeah!

Get it Here

Wax On Water – ‘Mexicola’ (Self Release) didn’t see this coming. Wax On Water cover QOTSA with their interpretation of ‘Mexicola’. The song is uniquely crafted by singer Maya Damaris to be a kind of ‘response’ to the protagonist in the original Josh Homme penned track Facebook

Paradise Alley – ‘Bad Timing And Silver Lining’ (Bombshell Records) Not content with releasing an excellent solo album Steve Vincent has got Paradise Alley in the studio for a four-track EP that shakes its shit from the off they ask if you dare close your eyes and be transported back – Hell, I can’t open my eyes from late night flashbacks from the early 90s and this slice of Rock n roll hits the spot with some nice gob iron honking from Steve on ‘Soho Daze’ the solo is straight outta Thunders guitar case for what makes a great opening tune.

To be fair this isn’t your bubblegum LA hairspray glam pop this is dirty fingernails sleazy late-night Rock n Roll its got silver-tipped cowboy boots on and staggering round Soho in some nice Chelsea boots vibe. ‘Backstabber’ sees the lyrics going for some rock n roll therapy sit back relax and let it all come out. ‘Walk Away’ introduces some acoustic strumming to add some variety to the EP and it works well with the gang vocals. Wrapping up this most enjoyable EP is the title track that’s the time and memorial hard lick story about exactly that Bad Timing and Silver Lining at least Steve has perspective and can look back fondly on what he did and not what he didn’t achieve. These songs are now out there forever and along with the other music released nobody can take that away from the boy. Take my advice and grab a copy and get the Thunderbird on ice. It’s only Rock and Roll but I love it! Buy Here

The Chevelles – ‘Something About You’ (Wicked Cool Records) Super cool garage rock from down under has a have love will travel vibe about it. the song is a slow burner that hangs on a cool garage rock vibe its got shades of Chesterfield kings about it and being on wicked cool shows exactly how good this is because the label doesn’t have duds amongst its ranks. Pick it up Here

Hell Diablo – ‘Push Comes To Shove’ (Self Release) OK so the name lacks originality but hey it’s just a name. You can imagine this foursome of Canadian reprobates get into mischief and love booze beer and birds Hell Yeah! they do. Fuck it I love a cliche who doesn’t? It’s got a dirty riff, tub-thumping and a freaking cowbell. It’s sleazy rock n roll kids don’t be afraid to throw them horns aloft and just enjoy it. I did. Hell Diablo – Nice. I like the piano hammering away and I love those Stonesy WooHoos. get on it! Lifted from the second album their upcoming album “Bad News Travels Fast” I bet it does. Bandcamp

From a Turbulent Heart and Civet duties, Suzi Moon has finally gotten round to releasing her first solo album after two very impressive 12″ singles even if this collection of ten tracks was done before the EPs.

Straight from the off the vibrancy and sonic intent is obvious and there is no shrinking violet at play here Suzi comes out swinging and I promise this record will lay an earworm or two on you.

Having recently caught two shows there were a few of the tunes that stuck in my head in an instant as the songs lurch from punchy punk rock (Title track and opener) to more radio-friendly (‘California’) songs Moon has honed her craft and has invested every fiber of herself into these tunes and the end result is a magnificent beast of an album.

‘Dumb And In Luv’ sets the tone with a direct one two punk rock puncher is a step up to what we had experienced with her recordings with Civit and Turbulent Hearts both of which were very underrated bands but this time, as a solo artist, Suzi has thrown away the stabilisers and cast aside any doubts as she strides tall and proud with the beats to back up any talk. The choppy ‘Money’ has a great melody and rides on a huge groove. This should be enough to make people sit up and pay attention. The song builds and builds into a throbbing crescendo that takes no prisoners. Fantastic stuff!

After nearly two years supporting her first two EPs “Call The Shots” and “Animal,” – which has seen her music appear on Sirius XM, Iggy Pop’s BBC Radio program, over 30 terrestrial radio stations, in magazines around the world, and much more – managing to headline the Rebellion pre-show she was pumped and ready to deliver and the band and songs sounded like a finely tuned sports car. Side one closes with the sultry and more laidback ‘I Go Blind’.

Side two sounds like it’s gone through the gears and from ‘Honey’ the songwriting has broken through any expectations I might have had. Sure Moon tips her hat in the direction of the likes of Joan Jett for sure but those comparisons can be a bit misleading and lazy but I’m sure Moon would take that. ‘Honey’ has some great playing and arrangement but it’s the melody and delivery that sets this off like a Roman candle. To fan the flames of that firework ‘Any Other Way’ is a rampant, rapid jam that borrows as much from the Ramones, and with the glossy production, it’s gleaming but has a few dents and scratch marks for good measure so as it doesn’t vanish into pop-punk territory but has guts with its glory.

The song that stuck with me throughout the Rebellion Festival was ’99 Miles To Pasadena’ it’s catchy as Covid and rocks like a mother fucker. Easily one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. But amongst this album, it still shines like a diamond but it’s in good company with the other nine bangers on offer here.

To close the album the snare gets beaten with brushes and an Acoustic bass slides in for one last hurrah and something a little left of center to bring your pulse back down to a respectable level. Suzi Moon has delivered one of the finest albums I’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year, no question. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to play this record over and over and my initial thoughts are still ringing true. Check this album out, It’s an explosion of Sleazy Punk Rock n Roll at its very, very best. Dumb and in Luv… You bet I am!

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Author: Dom Daley

Berlin has always been a Punk Rock n Roll City and it shows no sign of stopping post-pandemic with these new long players courtesy of punk n power pop n rollers Not The Ones. It’s not rocket science it’s a simple formula – just write top tunes and lay em down on a record and get a super cool label like Wanda to release them out into the wild.

To show how serious they are they’ve even recruited the services of power pop punk rock n roll legend Matt Dangerfield to turn in some Backing Vocals & guitars. It kicks off with the jangly ragged guitars in sprightly fashion as they take it ‘On The Chin’ which sort of sets the tone for what’s to come. Choppy guitar chords over a melodic pop song with a rhythm section that keeps surging on sounding like it could all fall apart at any moment and just nick off down the pub instead but it doesn’t – obviously. ‘Remote Control’ is possibly the finest example of this. Stabbing electric guitars over a punchy backbeat and melodic vocals.

It has a feeling of early 80s post-punk or New Wave as we used to call it. the charts always churned up some interesting tunes that would hang around for a lifetime inside our heads popping up every now and again ‘Out To Sea’ is a great reminder of this time period for me – it’s super catchy and feels like you’ve heard it before even though you know you haven’t.

The title track comes with added snot even with the quirky keyboard stab it’s a thrilling rip snorting white knuckle ride with great boozy gang vocals and then it just ends, great stuff. as the album lists from side to side spitting out tunes, it’s ‘Tightrope’ that kicks back and moves slower with a cool purposeful riff adding something different to most of this record. This only leaves ‘Let’s Go Psycho’ to close off the record which holds a candle for a Boys melody and is a fine way to end the record.

New wave, old wave, power pop, punk rock, who cares what label it has – Not The Ones dish up a sweet platter that matters – get on it kids it’s a good time on 33 1/3 revolutions per minute.

Pick it up Here

Author: Dom Daley

Indiana based thrash/death metallers Assimilator unleash their self-titled album on Sep 16th. Mixing up a myriad of influences ranging from Kreator to Deicide, the band delivers a pummelling nine tracks of metal fury. It’s not all death metal grunts and breakneck speed though, I can hear some doom influences too. The light and shade of the songs work well, the band have obviously tried to construct the songs in such a way that you don’t lose interest. The songs aren’t too long either, I really like the way that the album flows. I can even hear some NWOBHM influences, Angel Witch for sure.

The production is slightly too muddy for my taste but it’s more than adequate. The band are extremely talented musicians and delivers some blistering performances. There are lots of melodic moments too, with some fantastic guitar work. The band have shared stages with the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals and Obituary to name but a few. I’m sure they deliver the goods live.

All in all, a solid album, if you love your metal on the heavier side, check out Assimilator, you won’t be disappointed.

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Author: Kenny Kendrick


Born from the Red Bank of New Jersey, the early days of Monster Magnet were a cosmos away from the major-label, alternative rock boom that would suck the band into the shiny MTV world of the early to middle 90s. Originally formed by Dave Wyndorf, John McBain and Tim Cronin, Monster Magnet lysergic oozed into the world in 1989 with two demo tapes – ‘Forget About Life, I’m High On Dope’ and ‘I’m Stoned, What Ya Gonna Do About It?’ – making it perfectly clear from the start where they were coming from. This was a band revelling in bad trips and the death of the hippy dream with a Manson Family stare, playing squelchy lo-fi psychedelic music with a rabid punk rock sneer, like The Stooges terrorising Hawkwind at the most unpleasant free festival imaginable. There were tales of entire audiences at their gigs being spiked with LSD. It didn’t matter if this was true or not, it all added to the mystique. This was indeed a satanic drug thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Those two demos formed the base of what would become their pivotal ‘Spine Of God’ album from 1991 and the ’25…Tab’ EP, which featured the mesmerising 32-minute opus itself, ‘Tab’.

Long considered to be the true essence of Magnet’s early psychedelic voyages, ‘Tab’ is finally returning to earth’s stratosphere with the release of ‘Test Patterns: Vol.1’, available November 11th via God Unknown Records on 12” vinyl.

‘Test Patterns: Vol. 1’ features a 2021 remix of ‘Tab’ by John McBain, alongside the original demo, recorded in 1988 and then released on the aforementioned ‘Forget About Life, I’m High On Dope’ in 1989.

“When Magnet started, John and I worked in record stores in Red Bank and Dave worked in the comic bookstore and we made a lot of tapes for each other,” recalls Tim Cronin. “A lot of ‘check this shit out’ kind of stuff…Hawkwind, early UFO, Amon Duul, Can, Skullflower, Morgen, Loop, Crystalized Movements, early Alice Cooper, Walking Seeds, Butthole Surfers, Spacemen 3. When we recorded the first demo and got to TAB, we just beat the shit out of it until it became heavy, noisy, weird, mean and either too long or not long enough, depending on your mood. Everything we wanted in a song (at least everything I wanted in a song), punishingly psychedelic.  Jersey Shore krautrock.”

‘Test Patterns: Vol. 1’ will be available in two 12” vinyl editions – a deluxe gatefold sleeve with acid blotter inner sleeve and a special Rough Trade Super Deluxe edition with gatefold sleeve, limited to 300 copies with 4 postcards, blotter inner sleeve, ‘orange sunshine’ coloured vinyl and alternative cover artwork.

You can pre-order ‘Test Patterns: Vol. 1’ HERE:

Eye eye what do we have here then? A new Eye-inspired release from Germany’s finest Berlin Blackouts. If you’ve not already seen it they have put together eleven Eye inspired tunes on this eye-catching new record. It’s twenty-five minutes of punk rock inspired by your peepers. splattered amongst the original tunes they have some right spectacles covered like the classic ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’. but more eye-opening is their take on the ‘Dirty Dancing’ slushy pomp rock-lite that is ‘Hungry Eyes’.

So it’s not just a lame cover album, it’s not patchy either, the Blackouts deliver quality melodic power pop, punk rock and from the off, they dish it up from the punchy ‘Kubrick Eyes’. They then kick in with the sultry saxophone intro of ‘Hungry Eyes’ and you won’t be able to look away they’ve covered a tune perfectly. Sure it’s a huge melody overload and the Ramones-like chorus is simply delicious. Ten out of Ten for having the balls and for the interpretation. Nail, head, hit! Hell, when you’re on a roll why stop? ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ is tackled next and again it’s sublime in its delivery and interpretation.

They sound like it was the best of fun to have recording an album and speeding through ‘In The Eyes Of’ and ‘Eyes Of 84’ before smashing ‘Dead Dogs Dancing In Your Eyes’. The ebb and flow of the record is excellent and out there from the punk rock smashers to the pop-like bop n roll of ‘Doctor My Eyes’ taking us back to the ’70s and a pair of creepers with some teddy boy drapes for added authenticity this could and should be a leg up record to bigger and better things and radio bods should be all over this album filling the airwaves with these tunes.

I loved Radio Dead Ones and Berlin Blackouts are a fine post project I’ve gotten my beady eye on what the band were up to and have the records and this is the finest project the Blackouts have managed thus far and its great to hear they still have the chops to stay in the game and deliver excellent music. Take the plunge and check out these tunes and delve headfirst into the Berlin Blackouts they deserve it – They rock and love to make a spectacle of themselves and eye think this album can and will be enjoyed far and wide – get on it kids this album is a banger!

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Author: Dom Daley

The band Midnight’s alter ego tribute to Motörhead! is a 10-track monster. Midnight makes no apology for paying tribute to one of the greatest loud Rock and Roll bands ever. Think Bomber think Ace Of Spades think the classic trio of Kilmister, Taylor, and Clarke this could be the album they never made but should have.

If you’re on board with all things Midnight, and you know what a talent Athenar is then you’ll not have any doubt about how good this album is. With song titles like ‘Leatherbound Glory’, ‘Below The Law’ and ‘On The Loose’ you know where this is coming from. Its NWOBHM with bite, its denim nut huggers and leather gloves its stripped down and loud – fuckin lovely!

‘Thundercharger’ is the opener Charger wish they had in their arsenal. Riff hard recycle used old school riffs and middle eights the odd drum fill that you think you’ve heard before (you have) and always raise a fist and yell for Lemmy when you thump the four string low end make it distorted and punchy but always remember to Roll with your Rock. that’s Whitespade.

‘Below The Law’ is the tip of the hat that the classic Motorhead deserve its an absolute beast and proves that Athenar has the chops and has the suss to deliver this with a tonne of authenticity and make it sound essential listening like he’s invented Hard Rock.

There isn’t a bad track on here from front to back it’s a banger. ‘Fast Lane To Nowhere’ slows things down to a ‘Metropolis’ speed where the tempo is more of a groove and is a great tune in the middle of the set.

Of all the tracks ‘On The Loose’ is a familiar riff as is the riff of ‘The Strangler’ but that’s the deal it’s a tribute to how Motorhead used to do things back in the late 70s – God, it’s been a while over forty years, maybe the time is right for a resurgence of hard n heavy Rock n Roll and if this is the benchmark then bring it on. Let’s have a new Tank and Warfare push through. They did save the best til last but holy moly ‘Leatherbound Glory’ is the jewel in the crown an absolute stone-cold champion of a track from the lick to the breakdown all the way to those lyrics, Greasy and slick! fuckin right it is and Lemmy, Phil and Fast Eddy would all have got it and been touched with the tribute. Now don’t delay get over to Bandcamp and pick up a copy on whatever format is left.

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Author: Dom Daley

After the gig drought of the last couple of years, it’s important to take every opportunity to get out there and support your favourite artists. Here in the southwest of France, it’s no different. There haven’t been many gigs of late, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear that UK Subs legend Alvin Gibbs was playing at a bar just a few miles from chez Moi. Yes, it’s Thursday evening, yes, I’m working tomorrow, but let’s go!

I’ve stopped off at Pub Gabariers before, on an afternoon ride, so I knew it was a nice spot, next to the canal. Hearing that he was due to be joined on guitar by Steve Crittall (Black Bombers, ex-Godfathers, all-round nice chap) was the icing on the cake.

It’s a relaxed atmosphere at the pub/bistro, with just enough room inside for the band and a small audience, but Alvin is on home turf, having moved near Bordeaux some years ago. So, we get a variety of classics from the Subs, Iggy Pop/The Stooges, Alice Cooper, as well as some tunes from Alvin’s fine solo album, ‘Your Disobedient Servant’.

While the vocals could be a little louder, the bass is unsurprisingly upfront, and Steve’s guitar is suitably savage during the likes of ‘Down On The Street’ and ‘I Got A Right’, hitting just the right tone on ‘1969’. It was particularly good to hear ‘Ghost Train’ and ‘Clumsy Fingers’, and the Jonesy riff of ‘Tuff Baby’, with the surprise inclusion of ‘Children Of The Revolution’ and ‘Brand New Cadillac’. Something for everyone, including the handful of ragged Subs t-shirts; ‘Tomorrow’s Girl’ and ‘Warhead’ to end, complete with audience participation.

An unexpected treat on a Thursday evening. I hope to see the Subs again, probably in the UK, their recent album ‘Reverse Engineering’ is excellent, and tonight showed that Alvin’s songs merit a second solo album…

Author: Martin Chamarette

Manchester punk trio Aerial Salad has their first new music since the release of their ‘Dirt Mall’ album in early 2020 and are back with a new single ‘The Same 24 Hours (As Beyoncé)’

Following the release of their 2020 album ‘Dirt Mall’, a pandemic, a few lockdowns and then a much-needed dash for freedom on a UK tour with Snuff, Manchester trio Aerial Salad are back with new music!

‘The Same 24 Hours (As Beyoncé)’ is a scathing criticism of modern influencer, celebrity, and social media culture. 

Inspired by Love Island contestant and social media influencer Molly Mae, quoted as saying, “Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in a day that we do”, the new Aerial Salad single captures the frustration that millions of people have with this sentiment.

“The new single throws jabs at modern working life, and the constant feeling of ‘survival’ over prosperity for millions of British people who are just trying to live nice, relaxing, lowkey lives,” explains guitarist and vocalist Jamie Munro. “But between soaring energy prices and unrealistic life expectations set by the likes of Molly Mae on social media, everyone is just left burnt out and hurting.”

In typical Aerial Salad fashion, they deliver this message in a fun, sarcastic, cheeky, and infectiously catchy way, flexing their ability to step outside of their immediately recognisable sound, whilst remaining true to the essence of the band.

The video was recorded just outside of Vibe recording studio in Cheetam Hill, Manchester and subtly features clothes that the band have bought second hand as a last-ditch effort to stick one to fast fashion.

“If we had a bigger budget, it would have looked like the ‘Ashes To Ashes’ video by David Bowie,” laughs Jamie. “but we don’t have the money for a camera crew or make-up team so this will have to do for ya!”

Aerial Salad are unlikely to become TikTok sensations anytime soon with their dancing but they are set to become one of the hottest punk bands on the planet.

They play a special single launch gig at Blondies in East London on September 15th, which is already SOLD OUT, so there!

There will be more Aerial Salad very soon.

Find Aerial Salad online at:





Apple Music:

Website (merch/tour dates):

Photo : Sophie Howarth



ASH have announced the reissue on newly remastered splatter vinyl of their hugely successful and beloved FREE ALL ANGELS album on 16 September. The release follows the reissue of their debut album 1977 earlier this year.

FREE ALL ANGELS was the third hit album from ASH and their second with guitarist Charlotte Hatherley. The album reached #1 in the Official UK Albums Chart and has since gone on to achieve platinum status. It birthed the Ivor Novello award-winning single Shining Light; the NME Single Of The Year Burn Baby Burn; and further singles Sometimes, There’s A Star, Candy and Walking Barefoot.


The band’s spectacular debut album 1977 was a defining record for 90s guitar music, having also reached #1 in the UK and achieving platinum status. Its singles Girl From Mars, Kung Fu, Goldfinger, Angel Interceptor and Oh Yeah remain staples of the band’s live performance as they ring out at sold out shows and headline festival slots. The remastered splatter vinyl version earlier this year was the first time the album has been reissued since its release in 1996.

In addition to the release news, ASH have announced a run of very special UK live dates to celebrate the 21st anniversary of FREE ALL ANGELS for which they will be reunited with guitarist Charlotte Hatherley to perform the album in full. Drummer Rick McMurray said: “We’re delighted to announce that we will be commemorating the 21st anniversary of the release of our 2001 album Free All Angels. Not least because we will be joined by the fourth member of Ash – guitarist extraordinaire, all-round Shining Light, the one and only Charlotte Hatherley. Can. Not. Wait.


Thu         15           MANCHESTER                                       O2 Ritz                   TICKETS here

Sat          17           BIRMINGHAM                                      O2 Institute          TICKETS here

Sun         18           LONDON                                               O2 Forum              TICKETS here

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