Records from the beginning of popular music or modern popular music way back in time called the 1950s.  Pre Beatles and Stones, pre-Britpop, pre-grunge.  There was always a subculture going on and music was no different and it wouldn’t surprise me for one second that Lux and Ivy would have owned a fabulous and largely unknown record collection.  They were hardly easy listening themselves and they drew their songs out of the fringes of music be it Jazz, Blues or pop.  You just know it’ll be an interesting and informative ride.

This double CD also comes with a lavish booklet full of poptastic nuggets courtesy of MOJO magazines Davie Henderson.

There are fifty tracks on offer and everyone has the potential to blow minds it’s that far out and lyrically messed up for these modern times(I can picture Lux smirking down on us all).  The fact there are two tracks with Tarzan in the title tells you something but as we swing from Jazzy RnR to big ensembles of bloated balladeering to weird Rock n Roll this is something to get the party started for sure.

A lot of music for your hard earned and a CD that will certainly have the guests impressed at your vast taste either that or they’ll be running to the hills and worrying about your eclectic collection.

The early years rama lama Rock n Roll is heavily represented here like the Charms.  If you’re familiar with the bop n roll of Chris Cerf then I bow down to your knowledge. Imagine a song called ‘Too Big For Her Bikini’ coming out today.  The insta tictokkers would have a lynching squad firing up the torches. To be fair Slim Marbles isn’t just a great name and how didn’t ‘The Switch’ catch on?

Anyway, fill yer boots and your speakers with a hefty slab of good time Rock n Roll. It’ll make you smile and fill your ears with top tunes in a world that gets madder by the day this will cleanse your soul.

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Author: Dom Daley