Compilation of released and unreleased material between 2014-2018 sees Chicago punk n rollers Poison Boys Front Man Matt Dudzik has settled on a three-piece but there have been several past members who’ve come and gone but leant a helping hand during the recordings of this album in the four years these songs are lifted off. The band recorded on White Zoo Records as well as London’s finest No Front Teeth Records as well as some early self-released demo tapes. this is essential listening if you’ve gotten into the band via their two mighty fine albums that followed but it’s a great way to kill some time before the new album drops as it shows how the band honed their skills and went from a rough round the edges punk n roll outfit with plenty of attitude coursing through these songs. Besides, some of these records as 7″ singles are like rockin’ horse shit so it’s tough to track down if you’re late to the sleazy party.

The No Front Teeth singles were where I joined the Poison Boys train and mightily impressed I was too. ‘Bad Mouth’ still sounds fuckin awesome but you might want to start this trip from back to front because the demo is nasty in the best possible way. All Johnny Thunders riffs n licks and the sound of some punks kickin’ back and dropping sound bombs in your ears. ‘Turn’ sounds like it was found in some ditch next to a body with no ID but a Lewis Leather Jacket and some cool worn creepers.

Anyways heading back to the top and the two tracks from the White Zoo Single ‘Bustin’ Out’ and ‘Run And Hide’ with their cock of the walk Chuck Berry licks and JAgger puffed out chest is a great place to start with this compilation. If wrapping up the band’s output is what you’re after then hop on board it’s a wonderful fifteen-track that kicks ass and is pure rock n roll with attitude with hidden gems like the leftover session cut that is the sleazy acoustic smokey ‘In The Night’ sounding like they were channeling The south of France Stones Exile sessions.

Head over to Bandcamp and show Poison Boys some love and support this record and look forward to what they do next. these pirates are sailing the choppy waters of Rock n Roll and taking no prisoners but leaving a fantastic trail of destruction in their wake. Hail, Hail Punky, sleazy Rock n Roll Its alive and well and living in the shadows of Chicago.

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Author: Dom Daley