Man, I love Jesse Malin’s work from the first time I heard D Generation through his solo work and side projects I’ve chased the lot also having seen the guy live with bands in D Gen and on his own his output is magical and nothing short of genius so when I heard he was cancelling his UK tour and had fallen ill to some debilitating illness that turned out to be a spinal stroke. I was worried for the guy and wished him a full and speedy recovery (and still do) I know the process is long and hard for Jesse but if anyone has got this then it’s him I still send him all the PMA in the world and hope he reschedules that tour of the UK so can welcome him back to the fold personally.

Tommy Stinson, Cat Popper, and Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hütz, who sings with Malin on the Pogues’ “If I Should Fall From Grace with God.” The concert was filmed over two shows in January 2022 at the Sheen Center in New York City, a year before Malin suffered a spinal stroke that affected his ability to walk. He’s currently undergoing physical therapy and stem-cell treatments at a Buenos Aires, Argentina clinic. “I am getting some strength back in my legs, but it moves much slower than I would like. I don’t want to portray it like I’m ready to do the James Brown splits onstage,” he told RS in December. “I definitely have a long way to go, but I’m blessed and so grateful for the amazing fans and friends that I have.”

The record comes in a lovely gatefold and my copy also contains the Blue Ray of the show which is a nice bonus and it also comes with a really nice twelve-page picture booklet. the album spans Malin’s career thus far and the post-Covid electric band he was touring with that I was lucky enough to see when he hit the UK.

The album starts with a cool rendition of ‘State Of The Art’ its raw Baby and the songs benefit from that raw emotion and the production has really managed to capture that feeling perfectly, the Guitars are jumping out of the speakers with the mix coming across like you’re in the middle of the room as the show is unfolding. Awesome stuff.

Even on the slower more stripped bare songs like ‘Amerika’ the power of the song is fantastic. This isn’t Malin’s first live album but it just might be his finest. There are special guests like the legend that is Tommy Stinson from The Replacements and the incredible duet with H.R. from Bad Brains for a run-through ‘I and I Survive’ which gives me goosebumps as I type with the song blasting over the stereo whilst the guitar gently weeps on the solo – stunning isn’t hyperbole or a superlative over the top, its just that good. The rip through ‘If I Should Fall From Grace With God’ is as much fun as anyone has ever had covering the mighty Pogues and I’m sure Shane would most definitely approve.

The album ends with a rustic piano-heavy ‘Meet Me At The End Of The World’ which gives the Stones a run for their money post ‘Exile’ those Noo Yawk horns are magnificent and sleazy when they hit the spot. This only leaves an emotional and sultry ‘Greener Pastures’ with its shimmering guitar work it’s a behemoth way to end the record with my personal favourite from the last studio album.

‘Chasing The Light’ has got me daydreaming of the day we get to stand in the same room again as Malin and his band and we get to hear these songs once again live in the flesh but until that day I’ll take the superb ‘Chasing The Light’ as the next best thing. PMA Jesse, you go this and until we meet again keep on rocking and getting back to your old self. Buy It

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Author: Dom Daley