This Week I’m joined in the Pumphouse by Chris ‘Not Too Posh To Mosh’ Davies as Hotshot is on annual leave and we bring you some of the best releases around as well as a host of old classics from the RPM Online vault.

We begin with a record we reviewed on its 10th Anniversary as LA Drugz take us to the ‘Outside Place’ before we drop one of the new songs of the brand new album from Dion Lunadon that we reviewed last week as ‘Memory Burn’ is out soon on Beast Records and will be well worth the wait for fuzzed up garage rockers everywhere.

Blackwater popped into my head recently as one of those bands who promised so much but kinda faded off the radar and then the next thing you know they’ve called it a day so we bring you their finest track in ‘Moon On A Stick’. The Mighty Chuck Norris Experiment have a brand new album out and it features a cover of Zodiac Mindwarps ‘Prime Mover’ which we feature for your listening pleasure. Check out the review and head over to their Bandcamp page or the excellent Ghost Highway Records who have a veritable feast of records you need to own as do the American partners in this release over at Savage Magic Records. .

With a double damage headline tour set for next week Suede and the Manics are up next with a track each one being their most recent single and the Manics featured with their debut ‘Suicide Alley’ taking us down memory lane with a choice cut. We head further down the wormhole with a track from the mighty Tin Machine and their song ‘Under The God’.

One artist we miss at RPM Online is the constant presence of Jesse Malin and his UK tours but since he had his illness and his spinal Stroke diagnosis he’s obviously been putting his health first and rightly so. RPM Online sends Jesse all the PMA we can muster and are delighted to feature a track off his new Wicked Cool Records Album and its a stunning rip through ‘State Of The Art’, Hit up the link in his name and check out the review and get involved we need Jesse fighting fit and back doing what he was born to do. Maybe next week we’ll feature his version of the Bad Brains classic ‘I And I Survive’ featuring his good pal HR and its a stunning version.

We head down under for some C.O.F.F.I.N. and a cut off their amazing new album and this time its the epic ‘Fast Love’. A stunning song from a stunning album that’s still as fresh as the day it was released. Ruts DC have recorded volume three of their Elecra Acoustic albums and this one is equally as strong as the first two and this one also has a new track but we’ve chosen the awesome ‘Dope For Guns’ like you’ve never heard it before. We were super excited to get news that one of our favourite Noo Yawk bands has a new single recorded and we were lucky enough to be able to bring you the lead track ‘Fast Dreams’ a song that will be a real rush for fans of the band as they deliver their punked up power pop and do it like only Wyldlife can. Welcome back guys we’ve missed you and we look forward to the new album. No Pressure.

This summer has already seen some awesome touring festivals and Spain were treated to a set from Canada’s finest The Black Halos so it would be rude for us not to feature them with a track from their Bandcamp release of Demos and F.F.T.S. is a banger so it fitted right in with this week’s awesome line up. Wish we could have been at that festival with those guys Demolition 23 and Scott ‘Deluxe’ Drake Man, it would have been a blast.

South Wales’s finest and one of The RPM Online Its A Revolution team has only gone and recorded a brand new bunch of songs to make up their debut record. The Shunkos made us hungry with the first song off the album ‘Chippy Tea’ in all its battered glory. Keeping it in the UK it’s time to squeeze in Yobs and their dirty sleazy garage banger ‘Shitty Eye’ you could do a lot worse than check out these masked marauders and their fuzzed-up fucked up garage punk.

The Penultimate track is courtesy of the Japanese CD from Endorphiends featuring Damian Cullen and a couple of Kill City Dragons. Who knows why this album popped into my head but I’m glad it did and ‘Supersonic’ still sounds fantastic. Leaving just one track left to play and this week Chris lets of some steam with a short sharp blast of Noo Yawk Hardocre in the shape of the mighty Bloodclot with the pure Fire ‘Fire’. Until Next week keep it RPM Online – Turn it up and Horns Up! Follow (and don’t miss an episode)-Subscribe (keep updated)-Share(it would be selfish not to get these awesome songs and bands into as many ears as humanly possible. Its a jungle out there but it needs a soundtrack and we can provide it.